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If you want products at home for a wide range of uses. Here are four products offered  also effective against the itches caused by insect.
1 pcs Tar shampoo 500 ml
1 pcs Supercreame 100 ml airless
1 pcs Deo concentrate 500  ml
1 pcs Oil 200 ml


The package includes:

1 pcs Tar shampoo 500 ml

1 pcs Supercreame 100 ml airless

1 pcs Deo concentrate 500 ml

1 pcs Oil 200 ml

Shampoo the horse once a week with Tarschampot, leave for about 30 minutes before rinsing.

Lubricate daily with Supercreame on exposed areas like chest, under the stomach and cheek, where the skin is irritated, it maintains the skin in a good condition.

Dip the oil in mane and tail rot in the time interval that works for your horse. Start every third day. Always try on a smaller area to see that the horse reacts positively to it. If your horse reacts negatively stop the treatment with oil.

One tip is that you start with a shampoo, then you can lubricate if there is a need twice a day with the Supercream. Deon should be sprayed on the coat daily and the best time for it is on afternoon / evening.

You can wait with the oil 5-6 days until you get an opinion and can evaluate the first products you have started to use.

This is because if you get a reaction to the oil, you do not need to quit other Prob products, but only stop treatment with the oil.

You can start using the oil every third days and get a feeling which interval suits your own horse. Make sure you do not overdose but only drops about 5 cm apart. You massage a few seconds for the drop to flow more on the skin.

Spray with Deo before evening every day. First you mix the Deo concentrate with 500 ml water in an empty sspraybottle.