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PROB Oil 500 ml

PROB Oil is an alcohol and tar-based oil for dry and irritated skin. The oil has a good effect against itching caused by insects and sun. For example, the itch can sit in the mane and the tail root.

Can be used for most skin problems.

• Easy to apply to the skin in thick, tight fur coat.

• Does not clothe in fur, man, man and tail.

• No risk of burns as it absorbs quickly.

• With the aid of the alcohol, a drop flows into a large area.

• Extremely fluid. Does not dry out the skin.

HORSES In summer season, PROB Oil, PROB Shampoo and Horse DEO combine and summer is saved.

At summertime, treatment begins a little before the itching breaks out, it is easier for all people to entertain than to work out a fully developed kinproblem.
DOGS TIP: When you have picked a tick, drop a drop of PROB Oil on the point, close and disinfect the bite, preventing moisture from getting started. A common problem for many dogs. If the animal has an abnormality of moisture, the oil is superb and at home, at first symptoms, you go directly to the point with PROB Oil, and quickly and efficiently stop the attack. The oil usually scares the dog to lick and cheat, a common problem that always worsens the situation. The alcohol evaporates quickly and provides a short and fast scent for the nose, which most dogs dislike and stop licking. Also works well to stop licking at bad problems, etc. Not dangerous if the dog continues to lick!  

INCI: Alcohol, Water, Olea Europea, Glycerin, Pinus with more

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