PROB FROGSTICKS with propolis and resin




Intensive and unbeatable treatment with trush problems in hooves. Provided the Frog is still left, refer to the operating instructions, please brush with Hoof Balm around the affected area, if the Frog is gone or too broken, the Hoof Balm is applicable. Brush the affected area at least once a day.

• Contains 35-40 sicks. • For faster results, combine PROB Hoof Balm around the affected area.

Pay attention to the hooves both when the horse is erected or is running loose when the hooves are very exposed to urine, faeces, etc., or when wet and muddy surfaces. Always watch the hooves every day.

A quick preventative measure, Crash the hooves every day, make sure the Frog is fine. Pay attention to the slightest change in the frog.

If the horse has very deep bars or if you see changes in the frog, a frogsticks is pressed into the frog or bars. The frog quickly regains its proper moisture balance. Replace the sticks after 2-4 days or after the interval that suits your horse. Prevents mud etc. from entering.

A very good option if your horse has deep bars.

There is extra Bearing in the bucket and there are about 35-40 sticks included in separate packaging. Used as long as the need exists. Use PROB HOV BALM regularly on the entire hoof.

TIP: If there are hole in the walls or cracks in hooves, then the stick is adjusted to that size and one does the same as in the frog. Prevents mud etc. from making them deeper. Use our PROB OIL that is dropped in before inserting custom sticks. Repeat this procedure with the oil every time you replace the sticks at the white line .

If the frog or bars are very deep and you need more than one stick, instead you take the extra tar gear that is included in the package and fill it extra with it over the inserted sticker in combination with that you brush with the Hovbalm in the area and on the new sticks you created. Can also be used for foals and pregnant animals. Maintain the hooves to avoid unnecessary problems. PROB FROG STICKS contains no dehydrating solvents.

Contains Tar, beeswax, various oils. propolis and resin.

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Weight 0.7 kg
Dimensions 25 × 20 × 25 cm